Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Feel So Sad, Please Help Me...

One fine evening I was having a tea time in my regular restaurant. Without my control, I turned back and starred at a pretty young lady who is sitting two tables away and she was already starring at me. Oh... How this possible? How I know she is looking at me even she sits at the back of me?

This phenomena different from what I discussed earlier in "Dreams can come true? Prove it!!". This is not a wave from the love one. This is something like only happens in very short distance. But this both work together very closely. It is an energy field which present around our physical body.

Lets think, if our body teared into particles, you will find only atoms which have no life in it. Our body formed with lifeless particular. Then how we got life? Well, this is a different topic. What I mean here is, when this atoms formed together, it is either air, liquid or solid. Every atoms vibrates in every form. When it vibrates, it creates an energy field. (Its a very vast subject to discuss, I just make it simpler)

This energy field called as a 'Aura'. You can check yours by taking kirlian photography. Its colorful (7 colors). This is our guardian. It guards us from the world.

Lets say an emotional Susan try to get relief by talking her problem with her friend. Mmm... She is still not recovering. Then she talk again about this with an another friend. Still no change. At last she talked to her cousin and eventually she feel satisfied and getting better. Why?

First and a second person are those her friend whom in emotional state also. And her cousin is in happy state. Ah? What?

Yes, our aura contains negative and positive energy. Positive energy is transferable where else negative energy is stagnant (positive/negative energy I mean here is our inner feelings, not atoms). Negative energy is nothing but a defense for us. It gives us the signals if we are in danger. Mechanism is by giving alert from a suspicious acts around (I can feel if someone standing behind me), emotional status to solve problems, and so on. Where positive energy is not staying with us all the time. It is responsible for our well being. It been absorbed according to our need. It will only present if we personally need it. (we will have it with a low number by naturally where negative energy will overpower it)

So, when Susan desperately need relief, She's actually looking for positive energy. She feel satisfied at last once she absorbed it from her happy cousin who have plenty of it (even she didn't realize what happened).

This is the reason why when you go to hospital, you will feel very tired and exhausted. Because a lot of people in there will try to absorb it from you. It happens naturally. It's not only happens in hospital but everywhere as long as unhappy or worried people are present.

So how to get positive energy all the time? Good question.

Have you notice that if you sit under the tree, you will enjoy the breeze. Why can't you enjoy the same under the fan or air-con?

If you are in trouble or in a very high emotional state, try to sit on the bench under the tree. After a while, you will definitely will stand up and lean on that tree or rubbing its trunk(some will hug it) and you will feel really great by doing it, right?

Trees or any plants contain very high energies. It is totally different from human. But when human absorbed it, it turns into a very high positive energy. Try to think for a solution under the tree and in the room. Where you will get a quick solution? Definitely under the tree right?(try it if never did before) Even, we choose a bench under the tree if we want to be alone.

So, go for jogging or a walk regularly where the trees are present. Do some gardening. This will help you most to keep your positive energy field all the time.

Another method is to be with happy people all the time, but I didn't mean to ignore unhappy people. Bring them to your happy environment if you think you want to help them. They will recover by themselves. Don't stuck. The same reason how Susan felt better and satisfied.

There is a saying,"happy people attract happy people; emotional people attract emotional people". This is true. But here we have to change it. Emotional people should attract happy people to get happy too, how is it? Nice eh...

Well, I may wrong. But this is base on my own observation and practicals. Obviously I didn't do any scientific experiments. But it works. Its just what is in my mind... Be happy always...

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I woke up late on one bad day. Work starts at 8.00am. I woke up at 7.30am. Usually I woke up at 6.45am seems the distance from my house to office is just 20 minutes where I just use motorcycle to bypass traffic jams.

By right, waking up at 7.30am is still can safe me from getting late to work. Just have a quick bath and skip the breakfast. But something went wrong.

My mind was not happy. I don't like to rush things. Every action I need to check the seconds/minutes which I'm going to utilize in this short period of time to get ready. This indirectly created a 'worry' pattern in my mind.

I start my bike at 7.41am and hoping to reach my office before 8am by speeding. On road, I curse everyone who is being my obstacle to my speeding bike such as road crossing students, red traffic light, slow rider and so on. After each cursing, I'll check the time again.

At 7.46am, something happened. The road I regularly use is closed down. It is flooded due to yesterday's rain. Arghh!!! Sucks...

Now, I have to use a different path where time will be added approximately 7 minutes to reach my office. Confirm late!!!
To cut half that 7 minutes, I increased my speed and most of the time I rushed my bike onto the shoulder of the road to avoid blocking vehicles in front.
At 7.53am, I have to stop my bike.Ugh!!! Tyre was punctured. There is no repair shop around. Man!!!
Now, I have no choice. late is late. So, I decided to call my office and informed them about my punctured bike. Well, they didn't scold me. They just ask me to park the bike on the road side and use taxi to reach office as soon as possible seems there is an emergency meeting for all the department heads.
Finally, I reached my office at 8.41am(taxi stucked in traffic jam). Meeting will be conducted at 8.45am. At least I'm not late for meeting. Big boss going to present in this meeting uh.
My colleague alarmed me with a message that my manager wanted to see me immediately. Then...... Oh my god!!!I remembered something. Boss asked me to prepare a paperwork. And I already did perfectly yesterday. But... the disk was left in my home PC. I FORGOT TO BRING IT!!! How the hell my manager going to present in a meeting? AAAARRRRR!!!!!!!!!! I'm a dead meat...
And... The whole day became a bad day for me...

U see, my point here is don't ever make your morning as a rush or wake up with a moody expression. it will effect your whole day.
Try to notice after this, if you are very happy in the morning, you will be happy in that whole day. Even if you receive a bad attitude or news, you will take it easy.

But if you are in a bad mood, the whole day is would not be favourable to you. Even a small issue will make you angry like nobody's business, right? And you keep sighing the whole day...

The best way to make your morning wonderful is... Try to thank yourself, thank your clock because it rings on time, thank the weather, thank to god that you are in good health today and so on. But don't become a crazy person eh!
What I mean here is, be grateful and appreciate on whatever you feel in the morning.

Gratefulness is the easiest way to make yourself happy in a split second. And then you observe that day. Whatever happens, it will make sure that you go to bed at night with least pressure and most peace in your mind. Its the proven magic of nature!!!

Just give a try... If you like it, continue doing it...
Happy always...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why Hindus Do Not Eat Beef?

This topic is just to let everyone know the main reasons why Hindus do not eat beef. I raised this topic due to a lot of my friends or whenever I’m in overseas, I been questioned this all the time once I refuse to eat beef.

In Hindu’s teachings, we are not allowed to eat beef. Cow and bull is symbol of god. Mmm, whenever I mention this, they will laugh at me and start teasing me. A friendly teasing actually, no harm. I understand that they have no idea about the meaning behind my statement. Let me explain why cow is treated as mother, child or god in Hinduism. I’m not fanatic about Hinduism, just a rational thinker.

Reason 1.

Hinduism starts in India. Indian backbone industry is agricultural since thousand years ago. There is no high-tech machines that time, so they use cows for all the soil works. Cow is a very friendly animal where it just follows whatever human instruct, a pet as well as a co-worker for Indians (It do all the heavy works!). When Indians are in hunger, lack of energy to work in big agricultural fields for food, exhausted walking long distance especially when shifting things, these cows and bulls appear as huge helping hand. For work and transport.

*Think: We won’t kill someone who help us tirelessly especially the lifesaver of our generation or ancestors, will we?

Reason 2.

Milk. The only replacement milk we can consume after our mother’s is from cow. See, cow milk is the best option a baby have after his/hers mother stop breastfeeding. Cow replaces our mother to develop our anatomy.

*Think: Some brilliant thinkers asked me, “you don’t eat beef but how come you can drink its milk? God won’t angry?” Ha ha. Funny!!! Babies drink milk from mother, does he/she eat her when they grew up. BRILLIANTS…

Reason 3.

Ehem, This one is quite sentimental. The only animal which screams as ‘maaa’ is cow and bull. Its like every babies first word is ‘maaa’. That why most of the languages address mother as ma, amma, or anything similar. So……………. when combine those two reasons above and this, it touches our heart strongly. Emotional uh? The cow/bull is like their children. When it dies, they do proper rituals as they do for humans (of course different method than to human).

Reason 4.

Not everyone will realize this, so to create a permanent respects towards cows and bulls, Those who realized deeply about this, make this creature as a symbol of god and forbiddened from killing or eating it.

Ok, this is 4 simple reasons why Hindus don’t eat cows and bulls. There is a lot of other reason also, but its more towards religious which I don’t want to include here. Athe’, Its just whats in my mind……………..

Dreams can come true? Prove it!

Have you ever felt that something is not right with your feelings and all of sudden you received a message that your loved one in pain? How does this happen? My friend is in thousand kilometers away, but how I can sense he is in danger? Sixth sense?

Here is another question to answer that. How you can play a song which transmitted thousand of kilometers away? Electromagnetic wave, or any kind of wave that invisible to our naked eyes, right? It channeled in a fixed frequency.

Number of waves in space are infinite. The channels(invisible tunnels) also unlimited around us. When we love/care someone, we will create an energy wave with them. It is in particular frequency and channel where differs from others. No collision. So, the wave of love/care flows all the time with this fixed tunnel, exactly same like radio. It only stops if you off it. Similarly, it stops transmitting between human once we completely stop caring them or passed away.

Well, what about our dream for achievement? we need to love it. How? believe in it (most people fail here).

If you clearly know where you want to be, don’t think too much about how you going to achieve it. Because nature will open a path for you. Remember? If you love someone, nature assigns a particular frequency for you? Same thing here. Believing in your dreams will create love towards it. Then, a channel will be assigned between you and your dream. Dreams have to be logic so you can believe it personally. Don’t dream something like you want land on sun. Ridiculous!

Once tunnel is assigned, path will be presented to you. It is like when my friend in pain in UK, nature open a h through my hand phone, to let me know the news after alerted me with the ‘bad feeling’.

But it doesn’t open a direct path for dreams. I gives you multiple choice. Same as you can listen to the song via radio, hand phone, TV or computer. You need to pick it accordingly. If your dream is big, you may not realize even the path is already opened for you. I say this because the path may look very risky as you may ignore it.


“You are earning USD5,000 as an accountant. Your dream is to become a film director/producer. And you are talented in video shooting. One day, you saw an advertisement that Warner Brothers need independent people who can document visually their historic big budget movie making in Japan. It may take more than 6 months and they will only pay to whom that documentary is chosen. The opportunity here is you can develop a very strong relationship with these movie makers. Almost everything you need to know for successful movie making, you can learn. Great chance, isn’t it? But the risk is, your saving can only sustain you for 8 months. You documentary may not selected and not get paid. And you loose your job.”

Will you take the risk? No? This is too risky? Yes…

One thing you must understand, your assigned channel and frequency towards your dream will never betray you. it works persistently and with full of loyalty. In above example, if you choose to be in, Warner Brothers may hire you, May get small budget movie projects from other movie industrialist there, May someone became close to you and offer some partnership, or… if nothing happen there, when you come back you may ended up in another better environment or better paid firm. All this possible right. So whats stopping us. Its fear. Fear to loose. Its normal. That's why I said the path of opportunity opened for you based on your big dreams may not visible to you as a jackpot. Its up to you how you identify it!

Very important thing! They saying “Opportunity will only knock the door once” is very popular. Do not ever ever believe this. This is crap!. As long as your believe is concrete, you have a lot of undivided faith in your dream and you are very enthusiastic about it, the frequency will kept alive. So, its nature’s duty to respond to that energy flow. It will keep opening the path(opportunity) again and again in various ways and time. Maybe the rewards for the first one is better than second,but hey, it will come again again.

Most people failed when almost succeed just because they give up in half way. If you already did 50th step and still can’t make it, go for step 51. It may. If not, go for 52, 53 and so on… You will achieve it. As Thomas Alva Edison create a bulb in his step 5001 after fail 5000 ways (ops, please correct my number if I’m wrong).

The conclusion is, keep your believe, faith and enthusiasm evergreen towards your dream. Then take some actions and put efforts when you recognize the path. There is a lot of books available in market for self enrichment(believe, faith, efforts, enthusiasm) .

Importantly, laziness and ignorance is number are two evil which kill your dream. Avoid it…

Ermmm… This is just whats in my mind today. Have a good day…